Farm Type Trailers

We call these Farm Type but they are used in many industries for easy loading and convenience. We now have two versions of this transporter available. Popular demand has caused us to introduce a lower deck model. See photos below.

Farm Type Trailers


  • 2499kg standard specification – 1999kg is an option
  • Suitable for fork lift side loading
  • Great height to work off as bench/table etc
  • 1750kg (per axle) hubs
  • 8 ply 14″ tyres
  • 8 ply spare mounted
  • Jockey wheel
  • Full length heavy duty tie rails
  • Equalizer springs
  • Hydraulic disc override brakes
  • Fixed steel-framed plank head board and ribbed-steel drop sides
  • Strong RHS chassis and drawbar
  • Full multivolt LED lights and wiring
  • Double safety chains
  • Painted or hot dip galvanized finish
  • Full Warranty


  • Hinging headboard
  • Removable headboard
  • Without drop sides, taildoor and headboard
  • Treated shiplap timber deck
  • 3499kg gross option includes; 4 wheel electric in-cab control brakes (cab controller supplied but not fitted), and tearaway system. European brake system also available.

Note: Tow vehicles should be rated to tow the necessary weight including a rated drawbar. Please specify tongue height when ordering.


  • 10 x 5
  • 10 x 6
  • 12 x 5
  • 12 x 6
  • Others sizes can be built to order

Sample photos

Below are photos of different farm type trailer models.