Furniture Trailers

Furniture Trailers


The following features are based on the standard Tandem 2499kg models. See below for other options.

  • 2499kg gross weight
  • 1750kg hubs & stubs
  • 800kg tare weight
  • Upper body – alloy
  • Lower body – fully welded 18g steel
  • Strong RHS chassis and drawbar
  • Steel and alloy clad steel frame etched primed and painted
  • 8 ply 14″ tyres
  • Draw-bar mounted 8 ply spare
  • Jockey wheel
  • 17mm ply ramp rear door
  • Treated Shiplap deck
  • 4 x 12mm tie rails
  • Four 25mm x 75mm timber battens each side and front
  • Drop axles (lowers deck height) with equalizer springs
  • Braked (hydraulic override disc front axle only)
  • Spring assisted rear ramp door
  • Full multivolt LED lights and wiring
  • Dual chains
  • 2100 high


  • 1750kg – This is the standard single axle specification non braked (drum or disc brakes optional) – 1500kg is an option
  • 2499kg – Tandem – this is the standard tandem specification with hydraulic disc brakes – 1999kg tandem is an option
  • 3499kg – Includes 4 wheel electric in cab control brakes (controller supplied but not fitted), handbrake, tearaway and heavier chassis and drawbar construction. European 4 wheel brake system available as an option

Note: Please specify drawbar height of tow vehicle when ordering. 2499kg/3499kg models need tow vehicles rated to tow the necessary weight including a rated towbar.


  • 8×4’6 – Single axle 1750kg
  • 10 x 6 –┬áTandem 2499kg
  • 12 x 6 – Tandem 2499kg
  • Other sizes can be built to order

Sample photos

Below are photos of different furniture trailer models.